A Little History on Roberts Vault Company

The Roberts Vault Company was founded in 1963 by Emory and Donna Roberts in the small town of Bell, Florida. After two years of making vaults and servicing the area funeral homes, Emory decided he wanted to move to a city that was more centrally located so he could accomplish his goal of selling vaults wholesale to cemeteries.
In 1965 the Roberts moved to Dade City. Finally in the late 60’s, Emory accomplished his goal of selling vaults wholesale to cemeteries and was the first vault company to do so. Since then Roberts Vault Co. has grown tremendously and still continues to grow to this day.
Now, over 45 years after our start, Roberts Vault Co. manufactures 67 vaults a day. Our facility covers 15 acres and our three buildings have a total square footage of 48,000 feet. To maintain the quality of our vaults, we have our own batch plant to make concrete. A lot has changed since our beginning in 1963 and Roberts Vault Co. has grown greatly but we still continue to be about families. Donna and Emory raised their three sons in the family business and educated them well in the business. After the passing of Emory in January of 2006, his three sons Gregg, Craig, and Steve have followed in his footsteps and continue to grow the vault company just as Emory wanted to do. We are still family owned and operated and will always be. We understand the importance of family and that is why we strive everyday to provide the best services and products to your family.