Americana Burial Vault

Americana Burial Vault Image

Vault Features

The Roberts Americana Vault is cast from 5000 P.S.I. concrete and reinforced with steel rods and welded wire mesh. The Americana Vault has a sealant poured in the deep lid groove and a water resistant latex paint coating on the exterior for added moisture control.

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Custom coated exterior with water resistant multifleck blue latex

Poured hot sealant in deep positive V groove

Constructed of high strength quality controlled concrete with steel rod and wiremesh reinforcement

Inside, 30 x 86 Outside, 35 x 91 (oversize and youth available)
Inside-35 1/2x92 • Outside-41x97 —OR— Inside-40 3/4x92 3/4 • Outside-45x96 1/2
Inside-21x54 • Outside-26x59

Oversized Americana Burial Vault

Oversized Americana Burial Vault Image

Youth Americana Burial Vault

Youth Americana Burial Vault Image